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Theme: Steet Centerline
Place: Central Oklahoma

The road centerline file was created by incorporating many different sources.  These include atlas books provided by 9-1-1 ACOG, parcel data provided by individual counties, and hard copy and digital resources received from municipalities.  Streets were digitized when necessary from spatially accurate (+/- 5 meters) aerial photography. Fieldwork gathering GPS data was utilized where other resource data was not sufficient.  Some municipalities within ACOG provided GeoComm with road centerline file that meet the standards necessary for the final data set.  The SOURCE field contains the codes to track the source of the graphical information in the centerline map file.  Segments from the original data development process are coded with a 1 after the character source code.  Segments coded with a 2 were added to the centerline maintenance process as digital data such as GPS or digital data provided by the entity that meets the accuracy standards.  A 3 code is used for any segments that are manually digitized and may not meet the accuracy standards. For more information, please contact ACOG directly.

The road layer is a line feature layer representing all public roads within the ACOG region; Primarily used by 9-1-1 ACOG to assist with emergency response. (Private roads may exist in database based on information provided by local jurisdictions.)

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