Molodensky Transform Batch Processing Utility

This utility can be used free of charge to convert lat/lon pairs between NAD27 and NAD83 datums in "batch" mode. You provide an ASCII (text) file meeting the following specifications:

  1. 'Comma delimited' (all fields are separated by a comma)

  2. Latitude and Longitude are the first two fields for each record. Your file may contain more data as long as lat/lon are the first two fields.

    A new file will be generated which contains all original data plus the transformed coordinates appended to the end of each record.

Once a file is sent for processing, you will be prompted to download the processed file which will have the same name as the submitted file with an extension of '.loc' (i.e., LATLON.TXT would be LATLON.LOC). You may rename the file once it has been successfully downloaded.

  Internet Explorer:   Any version before 4.0 do not support file uploads and will not work with this utility.
  Netscape 4.0:   Netscape 4.0 will save the return file with an 'exe' extension. Be sure to rename the file after downloading with a suitable extension.

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