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For use of the calculator, you must identify yourself by registering user. Note that your registration information will not be distributed beyond this department. As a public service provider, we simply need to have some record of what kinds of clients we are supporting. Once you have done that, you may use the Single Converters for a few records. If you have a large number of records use the Batch Processing Utility.

The Spatial Calculator is a tool with which you can calculate the latitude and longitude coordinates for any Oklahoma location, based on that location's legal description (township, range, section, quarter sections, and/or footage calls). You can calculate these points one at a time through our Single Point Converter, or thousands at a time through our Batch Processing Utilities. Polygons can also be calculated in single or batch modes, depending on your required output format.

The calculated coordinates are interpolations from the section corners' latitudes and longitudes, as identified in a 1:24,000 landgrid database provided by Topographic Mapping Company of Oklahoma City. You can choose either NAD27 or NAD83 to calculate your points. (You can even re-calculate your points from one datum to the other using the Molodensky Transform method.) A description of the Spatial Calculator methodology is available if you need it.